sharing the joy of making beautiful music
 Piano Lessons
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Private Lessons

personalized instruction designed to enable students to express themselves musically with confidence
My purpose in every lesson I teach is to enable my student to experience the rich beauty and excitement of music. I endeavor to instill a love for music in my students, and to inspire students with the possibilities of sharing and creating music. As I get to know my students, I love helping them to  develop their innate musical talents. My ultimate goal is to provide instruction that will enable my students to become well-rounded musicians. In order to avoid physical pain or discomfort, I always emphasize the importance of healthy use of the body at the keyboard, helping students to establish healthy habits early on. I seek to equip my students with independent knowledge of functional keyboard skills that will enable them not only to be proficient for their own personal enjoyment but also to become competent musicians and confident performers.
  1. Creativity
    Music-making is a unique experience. Discovering the joy of musical expression is such a gift. I seek to provide the tools students need in order to interpret pieces written by classical and modern composers as well as to create their own music.
  2. Discipline
    As students learn how to practice, valuable lessons such as prioritizing their time and problem-solving will be taught along with the technical skills they will be learning at the piano. These skills carry over into many areas of life.
  3. Confidence
    Music is meant to be shared. I endeavor to make this a joyful, fun experience for my students in recitals and other performances. I will be hosting Studio Fun Days where students can meet one another, play for each other, and play games.

More about the teacher

I look forward to sharing the joy of making beautiful music with you!
- grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
- has 8 years of teaching experience
- received honors in WMTA and Junior Federation
- 2010 winner of the Kristo Young Artist competition
- has experience as an accompanist for choirs and soloists
- graduated with a degree in Piano Performance from The Master's University in Southern California
- had an internship in the Piano Pedagogy program at TMU
- pursues continuing education opportunities such as the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
- member of the Music Teachers National Association

Contact: [email protected]